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Link modular bookcase

Dimensions :

Single unit 950 W x 400 D x 2220 H mm

Triple unit 3294 W x 400 D x 2220 H mm

Description :

The modular Link cabinet, produced in the UK by our highly skilled craftsmen, consists of one or multiple display and storage sections. The base storage section comprises doors or drawers while the upper section is for display. With a solid back and open sides it appears light and elegant.

Shelves in the top can be in glass or other finishes, depending on span. Individual cabinets can be produced in 50 mm increments from 800 – 1350 mm wide and bespoke heights, and linked together as required. Cable management and double backs with access panels (for instance to affix a TV screen) are also offered. The depth can be adjusted if more storage is required.

The triple unit shown is veneered in Bolivar Thunder with doors and drawer fronts in antique brass gloss; the single unit is in Bitter walnut and Mocha bird’s eye maple. Many unique cabinet pulls from our collection will suit these cabinets.

Min order qty :

Carcase - veneers

Carcase - solid colours

Shelf options

Matching / contrasting doors & drawer fronts - veneers

Matching / contrasting doors & drawer fronts - solid colours

Contasting doors & drawer fronts - liquid metals

Contrasting doors & drawer fronts - paint finishes