Accessories / Small vessel 2

Small vessel 2

Dimensions :

Approximately 160 W x 200 H mm


Burnished porcelain vessel. This piece is for decorative use only, it is not for use with water.

About the artist:

The artist loves to experiment, learning from both the disasters and achievements. Materials are predominantly clay or willow, which are sustainable and have a minimum impact on our planet. Pieces are burnished, an ancient technique of polishing the clay with water, oil and stone to make the material less porous, then fired at a low heat to retain the shine.

Pieces are often wrapped in vegetation collected from walks to the studio and smoke fired either in a Raku Kiln or straight into the flames of a fire. Sometimes the artist uses Saggar containers or tin foil to contain the mixtures of combustibles such as seaweed, sawdust, Epsom salts, vegetable peels, copper wire, iron oxide or even hay close to the pieces during firing to alter the final tones and colouring.

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