About us

The Black & Key furniture and accessories collection is a synthesis of designs created over many years by award-winning designer Karin Verzariu, BIID (Member of the British Institute of Interior Design) for her private clients around the world, as well as the development of new ideas. Karin brings 30 years' interior design experience to the collection.

Black & Key's pieces are designed in-house and custom-made in carefully selected workshops in Britain and in Europe by our highly skilled craftsmen. Designers and clients are welcome visit our Chelsea Harbour Design Centre East showroom to see our collection and inspirational finishes.
Our clients

The Black & Key collection is specified by international interior designers and architects as well as private clients. It meets our clients’ high expectations for quality and immaculate design.

Our pieces have been selected for some of London's leading hotels, such as Claridge's. We ship to clients in the UK and internationally.

What we do

Black & Key design and manufacture furniture and accessories in selected veneers and finishes, complemented by imaginative and unique inlays and details.

The collection includes sideboards, chest of drawers, tables of all kinds, bedside and larger cabinets, storage ottomans, beds and benches, as well as beautiful mirrors and exquisite pull handles. We develop new pieces thoughfully and after careful prototyping.

Black & Key is rapidly gaining a reputation for beautifully designed, Art Deco inspired, classical and timeless pieces which suit contemporary as well as traditional interiors and can be customised to suit all requirements.





Unique Finishes

Polished nickel, antique brass and gilding highlight exotic veneers such as macassar, burr walnut and glamorous bird's eye maple veneers in many tones, Pewter, Mink, Mocha and Sable. The sophisticated addition of molten metal and antique crazed gold, bronze and mercury metallic finishes embellish pieces of the collection. Glossy finishes include ribbon gold and champagne metallic. Wonderful marbles such as Montagna and Arcobalena are recent additions to our collection. Many other finishes are being researched and developed.

Bespoke mirrors and handles

Our stunning pull handles and mirrors, hand-crafted in Britain, enhanced by our wonderful inlays, mother-of-pearl, black gloss and French straw marquetry add glamorous sparkle to the collection. Many handles can be interchanged to create a unique piece. We also supply them as opulent additions to clients' own furniture for instant sophistication.

Custom-made in Britain and Europe

Our custom-made collection is made in selected workshops in Britain and Europe, offering great flexibility on all our pieces. Designers and individuals can customise the finish, dimensions and details to suit the project or environment and we are happy to assist them to create their very own signature pieces.

Many of our veneers, finishes and details can be interchanged and adapted to the client's style to create unique designs.

Bespoke designs

Our design team will produce drawings and samples for approval after detailed consultation for completely bespoke, one-off pieces.

For a quotation or to discuss your next residential, commercial or corporate project, please contact us with your requirements. We look forward to your visit to our London showroom.

Registered office:
57 Westwick Gardens
London W14 0BS
United Kingdom
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