Mirrors / Grand Lombard II mirror

Grand Lombard II mirror

600 W x 30 D x 1730 H mm Dimensions can be customised


600 W x 30 D x 1720 H mm
Dimensions can be customised


The Petit and Grand Lombard II have been adapted from our original Lombard design to offer a more contemporary mirror. We inlay our exquisite straw marquetry, a craft perfected during the Art Deco period. The Piano black frame contrasts with the subtle tones of the straw, available in Anthracite or Earth hues.

The mirror frame is also offered in mat Noir. Either frame finish can be inlaid with shimmering segments of mother-of-pearl, with polished/satin nickel or polished/antique brass, or double gilt and burnished on gesso (as shown).

Dimensions can be customised. The Lombard II is hand-made in the UK by our skilled craftsmen.

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