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Monroe Sofa

The Monroe sofa was designed as a storage sofa and is similar to our Marilyn ottoman. If used in a bedroom the area under the seat can be used for blankets, cushions or pillows. If in or next to a bathroom, storage can be for towels – for this scenario we have incorporated the optional ventilation grille and stainless steel plinth.  The plinth can of course be veneered or painted if this is better suited to the location.

We can also produce the Monroe sofa with a smaller shadow gap or even none, if storage is not required.

Dimensions -

1400W x 770D x 800H mm

Seat depth: 550

Seat height: 450

Monroe sofa.png

Available Finishes

All our items of furniture can be ordered in a variety of finishes. Variations in figuring and colour are characteristic of these finishes. This is consistent with the natural as well as the handmade characteristics of our collection.

We offer an array of finishes in a variety of materials. Each item has it's own unique selection of finishes enabling us to tailor make each item specifically to you. 

For more information, please contact us.

Take a look at our directory of finishes for an extensive list of all that we offer.

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